Read what our customers have to say about Qualtech Auto Glass Network.

5 Stars – Mission Viejo CA
Getting a pizza would not have been easier than having them fix my windshield. The chip is gone and they came right to the house, just like a pizza or something.

5 Stars – Phoenix AZ
Insurance covered all the costs so price wasn’t an issue to me but the service was impeccable, from coming to my office to the little touches.

5 Stars – Houston TX
I always wanted to get that big ding fixed. I always thought it was very expensive. These guys came to my neighbor so I asked them to look at my car and right there, they injected it with something and fixed it. Wonderful people and kind service.

5 Stars – Sacramento CA
I didn’t trust the quote because it sounded to good to be true. I also didn’t believe that they would come to the car instead of the car coming to them. But it all turned out to be true.

5 Stars – Dallas TX
I’m not too keen on internet calls. I know everyone has a website but I have never had to get a windshield repaired so my call here was with a little hesitation. But to my surprise, I had nothing to worry about, complete professionals and as I came to understand that windshield work should not be left to anyone you are not sure of.

5 Stars – Daytona Beach FL
I got a really low quote when I called them. I think they were the fifth or sixth place I called. I thought no way it was real or that it was a floor quote and by the time they finished it would skyrocket. But to my surprise it didn’t, they honored the quote over the phone and the work was perfect.

5 Stars – Palm Beach FL
I called cuz the $10 OFF coupon. The guy I spoke with knew all about it. I said that it was on the website. At first I was skeptical but the guy kept talking to me about windshield and I realized, these guys know what they’re doing and what they’re talking about. I made an appointment and they came to me and fixed it right away. Plus they honored the coupon, no hassle.